I play amateur tournament golf, which is more stressful than it should be. During the winter months, when I do not get the chance to compete, I question my ability to compete during the next season. I know that once I get going again, and have a chance to work on the finer points of the game, my confidence returns. Do you lose confidence periodically about your ability to attain the level of performance you have done time and time again, and particularly when it is something you enjoy .  Our students are no different, as unlike adults, they have not had as much practice as we have. Our youngest students will lose confidence about reading fluently if they are out of daily practice. To gain back the confidence, the only way is to read and read again. For our older students, where anxiety about school performance is more likely the norm, repeated opportunities to show what they know is the most important thing. As we move into the end of January, it is my hope that all of our students continue to practice their school skills to continue to be more confident learners. I will continue to practice my golf swing in anticipation of the upcoming competitive season.

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