Pattern Interrupt

All of us are in business, even those of us, working in independent schools. The language that many people use, who do not work in schools might be different, but the concepts are similar. Recently, the term “pattern interrupt” has been used liberally in the media, as well as in traditional business settings. When you have a pattern interrupt, how do you respond?  A simple example for all of us is when we are coming to school and the traffic pattern changes. Do we get mad? Do we accept it? How do we handle it? This example is easy to think about, but what about something more serious?  When what you are used to changes, how do you respond to the changed situation? Do you relish it and determine that you are going to persist or do you quit?  My approach over the years is to face the changed situation head on, and not “ wallow in my sorrow”. How about you?  How will you approach adversity whether it is in the moment or for a longer period of time? My hope is to help our students face their pattern interrupts with focus and determination- knowing that the new pattern is possibly better than the old.

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