Do not give up on a friend

This week’s blog comes from remembering and reflecting on a few years ago when I realized that a childhood friend to whom I had sent holiday cards for years never sent one back. In fact, I never heard from him at all. I would comment on this to Margaret (my wife) and she would tell me” Keep sending them if it makes you feel good”. What she really meant was- Do not give up on that fact that someday you will get a card or a phone call. The short story is that my friend did reach out and we have been in touch more frequently in the last six years than the previous twenty plus years. Many of our students feel their friends are not their friends and there are hurt feelings. I can understand that. My advice to our students when I hear about this is to tell them that their friend is simply having a hard time and over time, your friend will come back to you. Schools are places where the daily actions about students can create fiction, but you should never give up on a friend.

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