Predicting the outcome

Each week I see our students begging for the right answer while they are working on a problem. It is much easier to simply give the students the answer. But, as it has been said so many times in our school lives to students” If I gave you the answer, you would not learn how to do it”.  Therefore, in schools, we teach students how to find their own right answers. It is more difficult at times, but usually the student has an easier time approaching a problem the next time.

I used to work with a Middle School Principal, who every Monday morning, would close his assembly ( a time for announcements or prepared skits) with the statement  ” Have a good week and remember to try not to predict the outcome”.  His message, aimed at Middle School students was in direct response to the audience in front of him. Students at this age wants all of the answers to the questions now.  This is understandable, and as we all know, not always possible.    My objective as a school leader is to keep the environment as vibrant as possible so that we do not become predictable. We want continuous learning and different ways of seeing. It is important that we do not think we know all of the answers to the questions. This is important for discovery. Discovery and new ways to do things are great teaching techniques we must keep that in the forefront of our daily lives.

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