Getting Things Done

In recent weeks, I have been enamored or it might be better to say- “obsessed” with the findings and techniques from a book called Getting Things Done by David Allen.  We use many of the techniques in the book at school, although we would not describe it in the way Mr. Allen has for thousands of readers since a formal introduction over fifteen years ago. I urge you to take a look at the website for Getting Things done or GTD.  This is not brand new, so I am sure many of you may already be using the structures outlined.  If you have not used the ideas as suggested, try them. Here are a couple of observations, and again, I credit the author of the book. First, do not try to keep things in your head. Wow! Is that not what we teach our students at Craig. We teach systems. That is what our binders are all about. That is what our tri-fold system is for. Second, clarify what you want to do. Wow! Again that is what our curriculum does- teaches systems and skills. As I think about all of the others concepts in the GTD methodology, I am constantly reminded that our teachers are using these techniques at Craig every day. So happy to share this week! I just got these ideas out of my head in about 200 words.

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