What will Spring bring?

When March comes around, we know that the frequency of warmer days ahead is on the minds of many. At school, our minds go to consistent days of fresh air being part of the routine. Our students’ mental outlook changes when kids get outside frequently. Students tell me they feel more focused being able to get outside every day to run around and play with their friends.  There is a freedom when you experience out of doors environments.  Teachers notice it as well.   It is no coincidence that in the middle of March we hold our Lower and Middle School Parent-Teacher conferences and the adults plan for the last three months of the year with the hope that we can reach the stated objectives and goals.  Spring brings new activities to families and the longer hours of daylight permits kids to be outside longer and enjoy evening activities, so I think there are new ways of seeing as  we  experience the spring like dusk that can be magical. What new thoughts have you had as you have increased your out- of - doors activity? How will you use the Spring months to carve out time for activities new and old?  For parents, can this time be one where you discover new insights about how your Craig student learns and how best you can support your youngster. What new activities will stimulate new thinking for you? 

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