Resilient Children

I have written a few times over the last three years on resilience. One of my favorite education influencers is Dr. Robert Brooks, who writes about “raising resilient children”.  I have been asked what that means to me. My latest thinking is that resiliency is the ability to bounce back and persevere when things get difficult.  One of my concerns has been with the advent of instant communication, with all of its conveniences, might be too convenient for youngsters trying to solve problems. If I were to research the number of articles on this topic, I am sure I would find many and that is one of the reasons I am concerned. Therefore, how do we raise children that do not give up too fast when something is hard? I think one of the ways is to help our students learn systems, like the Binder system we teach in our Lower and Middle School students and the tri-fold system that is used by our students at Craig High. Both systems can theoretically help students find solutions to a problem that is presented to them that is vexing. If you rely on something that has worked for you in the past, it is very likely that it will work for you again, and with the structure that you have learned in our skills based curriculum you are very likely going to be able to overcome the problem presented to you. 

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