Inspiration vs Routines

In the last month, I was watching one of the Sunday morning news shows. The story presented was about a couple who have been collecting crystals (rocks) for several years, and the collection is large, consisting of rare and valuable specimens. The couple commented that they do not have much else to their name in terms of finances, but they have this collection. The couple talked about how they did not want to sell off their collection piece by piece, but instead they were hoping someone would buy the whole collection and create a museum.  They said the reason they felt this way was their belief that “what the world needs now is inspiration”.  That got me thinking about a conversation a couple days earlier one of our teachers asked me to share a book I have I often reference in my Wednesday thoughts, and how his thoughts were something she wanted to share. She commented that she was feeling often that “change is what is hard for (our) kids. They are so structured and need the repetitive action for information to become routine.”  

So here are two potentially competing thoughts- inspiration vs routines (structure)

It prompted me to think about several other thoughts framed now in questions.  How do we as adults help students build that structure and have inspiration at the same time? What routines must we model for them? How can we best show them that if you fail, try again? When do you need to  stop and take a deep breath to make all of what you are doing to make better progress?

Tomorrow night is a Family STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) night beginning at 6:30 pm.  I am expecting both inspiration and structure. It should be interesting to experience. I hope to see many of you there.

Craig High School Info