“I am only randomly smart”. This is an expression I read in the time management book that has been around for a while. What I think is meant by that statement is that good ideas come to you when you are not expecting them and they do not stay with you long. I now write down an idea fast so I do not forget it. I then go back to see if it is a good idea later.

I was looking at the art produced by our students.  I saw many creative projects that our students should be proud of and very happy about. I know the idea for what they produced was created quickly, and then it was developed fully over time. This is another example of having an idea and writing it down immediately, so it is not forgotten.

Our students are taught systems. These systems help create a structure that then can be followed so they can do their best work. I applaud our teachers for creating the system, our parents for supporting the system, and our students for following the system. With this structure, our students can be more than randomly smart.

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