Fresh Air

This is a blog entry whose ideas have been shared with you before. It goes back almost two years. The weather has held me back from releasing it and you will see why in a moment.

We are now able to have our students in Mountain Lakes outside most days for motion breaks and recess. So nice. I remember the birds chirping on March 27, but the rain, cold and remnants of snow were the norm for the day.  Our students did not go outside that day.

Richard Louv. author of “ Last Child in the Woods” has been focused for years about our children getting out in nature. As I wrote before, I am in total agreement. Where my thinking has gone is to be more intentional about why this is important. First, over the last two years, IPads and hand held devices have become more commonplace at school and among our students of all ages. Second, more families are streaming videos . You can see this in how many families “ have cut the cable television cord to control what comes into their home. At school, more teachers are talking about the power of YouTube for explaining something. This all leads to more screen time.

Two years ago, I wrote” I think about my own day and I have to make a conscious effort to get outside and get the fresh air and physical exercise. Figuring out how to get a real nature walk in daily” is now something that is even more important than what I wrote in my previous entry about concerning Mr. Louv’s   plea.  Why is that?   I will get let you know why when I find out. In the meantime, happy walks in nature and happy playing outside on hopefully a glorious May Day. 

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