Watching Accomplishments and Growth (Expo and Science Fair)

Each May and June schools have events where the accomplishments and the personal growth that are part of school are put on display. On Friday evening, our annual Expo program will showcase the classroom activities and projects of our students in the Lower and Middle School. The annual Talent Show that follows gives our performers another chance to shine. The following Friday May 26, our annual Science Fair at Craig High School will be led by our students who will explain one specific topic in detail. The project approach helps all of us take a snapshot of some of the accomplishments of the year.

For me, I watch the growth of our students from when I first saw them arrive in school in September. Where they are in May is inspiring. Recently, I watched a group of Sixth Graders who have been tending to a garden, bird feeders and other garden oriented tasks during Motion Break. At the beginning of year some of the tasks so routine now would have been accomplished with a ‘heavy hand’ of guidance from their teacher. On a recent morning, I went out to observe for a few moments and was able to talk with their teacher about everything other than what the students were working on in getting bird feeders filled and garden weeded! I am so glad that I am in profession where I can watch growth and hear the joyful voices of students during the day. I am a happy man!! For our parents, I know you will enjoy watching your children talk about school in such an intentional way at our Spring events.

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