The Value of community

Earlier this month was the 10th Annual Craig School Auction. I believe we are one of a handful of schools that conducts an auction each year. For Craig, there are many reasons, but the one that is most important to me is that it is a good event for developing a community. At Craig, our families come to us from approximately 40 different towns. Our families do not share a common zip code, town name, community park, and elected representatives. They share one objective. That objective is to be part of a school where dedicated faculty and staff and other families are focused on one thing- to be devoted to young people learning with language based learning disabilities. The work that we do is not based on being in one geographical community, but rather creating a community so that students can succeed.  The Auction event is one of the few times a year when families from around our school can come together. Conducting the Auction each year is also a necessity because our families might only be with us for a few years. We must find multiple ways to help folks learn they are not in this journey alone.  It is for that reason that watching parents come together in an l evening to help build community and along the way help us meet the financial objectives we must make the best program possible. I want to thank Katie Burke, Karen Meisinger, Lorrie Zesk,, Valerie Leshorn ,  and Joan Boglioli again  who work so diligently to make the event a success. I thank all our volunteers for their efforts and once again we came together as a community to help the students at Craig.


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