With Memorial Day  just past, and the schedules for summer on my mind- Summer Academy at Craig, summer activities for kids, summer outings for kids and adults, and the changes in routines that seem to be the norm, I am compelled to bring us back this week to Dr. Robert Brooks and his work on resilience. Why am I thinking about resilience? What I have learned working in schools is that summer is more stressful time than one would imagine. Here is why. It seems that the changing schedules, for many the non-routines of school, and the consistent patterns of schools, lead students to struggle with how to make decisions and how to solve problems.  Dr. Brooks  argues that one of the goals when teaching children to make decisions and solve problems is for the adult to “understand and appreciate the importance of teaching children to learn how to solve problems independently”  He states that adults need to “develop a set of strategies to model and help children develop problem-solving skills”  I realize this may sound prescriptive and possibly obvious, but in reality, in my mind, when our students are away from Craig  new growth and different perspectives can be developed. I am with Dr. Brooks on this one. As parents, be intentional with your summer plans. It sounds so structured, but that is what our students need both in and out of school for them to become resilient. 


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