Goals for summer

This will be my last blog entry for the 2016-17 school year. I want to thank my readers. I want to thank all of you who have inspired me to write. I think I have told enough of you over the last four years that the act of writing for a weekly message is necessary for me. I must work on my writing, and the ideas I have in my head need a place to go. I thank you for reading my blog and please send any feedback you wish.

I will be on campus most of the summer, with time away in August when the Summer Programs are over. I want to keep in touch with you, so please feel free to send me ideas of topics you wish to see me touch upon starting in September. During the summer, I write down topics for my blogs to be developed for a later time. I do not curate them until much later and as they say in film- many ideas get thrown to the cutting room floor.

I wish all the Craig family a joyous summer. I hope to see many of you on campus over the next couple of weeks as we celebrate accomplishments and our students receive their accolades for a job well done. To the students  and their parents leaving Craig, and  transitioning to higher education or to new schools, thanks for your commitment to our faculty and staff and to supporting us in so many ways. The School is important to our students and it is a true partnership.


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