Those of you who have been at Craig a few years know that I am a huge fan of Dr. Robert Brooks who writes frequently about raising resilient children.  This summer I read and reread some of his timely periodicals.  I wanted to share a couple of examples as we begin our work together to support your students. These thoughts come directly from Dr. Brooks.

  1. “We need to work together to help our students with problem solving.  As parents and school leaders, we should have as a goal to develop a set of strategies to model and help youngsters develop problem-solving skills.
  2. One of our goals should be to strengthen the mindset that mistakes are an important part of learning in everyday life and developing resilience.”

Academically, schools are under significant pressure to meet standards that are created by test analysis and scores. This is not what is ultimately the most important to  many educators and to parents, but it is part of school life. For me, I want to make sure we are raising good people and people who can overcome failure and then find a way to get back up and forge ahead.   

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