It is hard to believe that we are one month into school, but this past week I was thinking about a day in June when I participated with my neighbors in a good old game of croquet. Those of you who played croquet as children or have played it in recent years, know that the game is not about just hitting a hard ball- about the size of a softball through some “wickets”.  It is a game of strategy, finesse, and in the game I played this summer- laughter and intense social interaction.   Recalling the afternoon in June, I was struck about how while playing the game, the rest of life got discussed. Does this happen in your family when your intent is something else? Now that the routines in school are getting established, it is probably also the time when your youngster might share, when you least expect it, something about school. I hope you have a game like croquet to help the conversation along.

Craig High School Info