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Make Web Searches Work for Craig

Are you looking for information for your history paper? Or, are you trying to find out where to buy a widget? DO NOT click on Google! Use and return cash to The Craig School!

The Craig School has just been registered on GoodSearch, as seen in Oprah Magazine, ABC News, and The New York Times. is the search engine with a unique social mission. It’s powered by Yahoo!, so you get the same search results, but each time you do a search through GoodSearch, Craig School earns a donation! 50% of GoodSearch advertising revenue goes back to the nonprofits and schools selected by users.

You can add GoodSearch to your browser tool bar, so you’ll never forget to click! Remember, each time you search, you are making a contribution to The Craig School. Spread the GoodSearch word to family and friends – it’s Good for our school! Get started today!